I understand the coverages under PPO network for Atlas America plan for non-US citizens visiting the US. However, I know that at some hospitals even if they are within the PPO network, the professionals providing you service at that hospital may not be under the PPO network and that you don?t always have a choice about which professional treats you at in hospital. As a result, I would like to understand if Atlas America provides any coverage for out of network professionals. I could not find a clear answer to this on the website. Some insurance companies pay 80% of out of network professionals up to policy maximums. Is it the same way with Atlas America?

I looked everywhere online about Atlas America's NON-PPO coverage, it seems completely silent which worries me. There is some tricky wording that says "you have a choice to go to any doctor...." but it does not say how much is covered if it happens that a service provider is not part of PPO. I would not do this knowingly but I am worried if we go to a PPO hospital but a non-PPO professional helps us etc without my control.

Thanks in advance for your help.