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Thread: Insurance quote asks for state?

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    Default Insurance quote asks for state?

    When looking for insurance quotes on Insubuy, the query asks for a state in the US (for example). It only lets you select one. What does this mean? What if the visitor my move between states, staying in several over the course of the visit?

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    Visitor is always covered in all the states in the U.S. As a visitor, you are expected to visit various states. Therefore, it would be inappropriate for any visitors insurance to provide coverage only in one state.

    For different products, 'State' means different things. For some products, it is asking for the 'State' for the 'Mailing Address' purpose. For some other products, it is asking for the 'Physical Presence' state at the time of purpose, if the person is already in the US.

    In any case, it is NOT asking for the state where you need the coverage.
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