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Thread: Student Insurance M1

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    Default Student Insurance M1

    I am looking to purchase Health Insurance for my nephew who will be arriving in Florida at end of the month on M1 Visa for Flight Training in Miami. After going through your site I feel Atlas Plus or Patriot Premium are the best options However my question is that will his Medical Expenses if in a flying accident be covered? And any limitations on that or up to the Policy Maximum Additional costs for the rider We were thinking of a deductible of 250 and a maximum policy of 200,000

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    Thank you for your interest in purchasing insurance through us.

    The Atlas plans and the Patriot plans will cover for any new illness or injury that occurs after the effective date of the policy. It will not cover an accident during flight training. It might be possible to have the Atlas or Patriot plans for the medical and then we can check with the underwriting department for our AD&D plans to see if they could offer coverage during flight training. We will need to know the age of your nephew and how long he would need the coverage to be able to confirm that it would be available. Also, how much coverage would you be looking for?
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