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Thread: Schengen Insurance Questions

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    Default Schengen Insurance Questions

    French embassy is requesting this statement in the policy. Do you know if your plans provide this? Please check carefully whether your medical insurance will pay directly the providers in the Schengen countries for emergency medical expenses, emergency hospitalization and repatriation for medical reasons or death. Many US medical insurance companies reimburse the costs of emergency medical treatment abroad but do not pay directly the providers. These policies will not be accepted as proof of medical insurance. We invite you to have a letter from your insurer indicating that payments will be made directly to the provider (Schengen States or worldwide). If your US medical insurance company does not make direct payments to the provider, you can purchase international travel insurance online. The Consulate will request the letter from the insurance company with all the above requirements.

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    Thank you for contacting Insubuy for you insurance needs.

    We do offer plans on the website that will meet requirements for the Schengen Visa insurance.

    However, there are no plans that will state that they will pay directly to the provider within the visa letter as this is by choice of the provider.

    The international plans will pay directly to the provider as long as it is directly billed to the insurance company.

    If your need any further clarification please feel free to contact our office.

    Schengen Visa Insurance:
    Thanks & Regards

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