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Thread: Currently on OPT - Obamacare and Health Insurance

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    Default Currently on OPT - Obamacare and Health Insurance

    I'm currently on OPT (F-1 visa) and I came to the U.S.A on September, 2013.

    1) I heard F-1 visa holders (even if you're on OPT) are exempt from holding health insurance requirement (Obamacare) EXCEPT if my yearly income is above the minimum threshold income requirement and I have been staying in the USA more than 5 calendar years. Is this true?

    2) I'm currently earning $2700/month (gross income before tax) and I'm pretty sure my income exceeds minimum threshold income requirement. Does it mean I need to have a health insurance in order to prevent a penalty fee for not having health insurance when filing a tax return?

    3) If above two are true, do you have a plan that suffices a health insurance with minimum requirement set by government to prevent a penalty fee when filing a tax return? If so, please provide me a link with more details.

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    Thank you for contacting Insubuy for your insurance needs. However , you will need to contact a CPA or tax professional to have these questions answered. These are not items that we can advise you on.

    If you are needing a PPACA compliant plan please use the link listed to find plans that would be compliant.

    Domestic Insurance:
    Thanks & Regards

    Toll Free: (866) INSU- BUY
    Local: (972) 985-4400
    Fax: (972) 767-4470



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