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Thread: Green card holder insurance questions

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    Default Green card holder insurance questions

    Hello, My Parents are currently US ( Arrived in March 2016) and received their Green Card about 2 months ago. Fathers Age : 74 and Mothers Age : 69. We didn't had any medical insurance for them since their arrival in US and luckily we didn't had any medical need for them since March. Just to secure remainder of their stay. we would like to buy an medical insurance for both of them. They are intend to stay in US till end of October. Appreciate if you can suggest best available insurance that is cost effective as well. Following is the summary. Primary Applicant Age : 74 Spouse Age :69 Status : GC holder Arrival in US : 5th March 2016. Insurance Start Date : 27th July 2016 Insurance End date : 31st Oct. 2016

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    You can consider purchasing

    Please let us know if you have any other questions.
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