Dear Insubuy

I have been directed towards your site by a couple of friends who work in USA and are originally from UK.

I am working in USA on an L1A visa from September (my family will be on L2 visas).

I am looking to purchase health insurance for myself and my family consisting of;

Me - 33 years old non smoker Type 1 Diabetic

Wife - 39 years old non smoker no pre-existing conditions

Daughter - 12 years old Alpha 1 Antitrypsin Defiiciency

Daughter - 4 years old no pre-existing medical conditions

I will need to access insulin (Levemir and Novorapid) whilst in the USA and want the policy that will be the lowest cost when purchasing the insulin in USA.

My daughter will also need to access inhalers (seretide and ventelin) and again want the policy to be the lowest cost when purchasing the inhalers.

Does the platinum policy cover these medication costs after the deductible? What would the deductible be?

Please advise on the best policy for me and my family.