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Thread: H1B medical insurance needed

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    Default H1B medical insurance needed

    I have tried to search some insurance plan related to my travel to US and also for some period of time..

    I am travelling from India on 22nd April 2016 & reach Texas on 23rd April 2016 and planning to buy the insurance for 90 days.. I just searched in the Insubuy website and selected one plan "Atlas International" and when i see the quote it is showing the rate as 71.89$ as per the screenshot attached here.. But when i clicked the purchase and gave some information and it will gives amount i need to pay is 125.12$ as per attached screenshot attached here (i.e. Screenshot Name: Insurance Quote_After Clicked Purchase).. I am not sure, why this difference... Could you please clarify..

    More Information Below

    Policy Type - Atlas International
    Max Policy Amount - $50,000
    Policy Duration - 90 days
    Insurance Start date - 22nd April 2016
    Citizenship - Indian
    Visa Type - H1B

    Please let me know if you need any other information..

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    Thank you for contacting Insubuy for your insurance needs. The Atlas International plan is for travel outside of the United States and if you are traveling to the states you would be purchasing Atlas America which is the reason for the increase in premium as it is a different plan.

    However, you are not eligible for the Atlas America plan with the visa type that you are arriving on. If you employer offers insurance it is recommended that you enroll into that option as it is most appropriate. If it is not offered you are eligible to purchase a plan called Patriot America Plus. This plan is not PPACA compliant so you would be responsible for any penalties incurred for not having a compliant plan.

    Please use the link listed below for more details about the plan and to generate a quote.

    Patriot America Plus brochure & instant purchase link:
    Thanks & Regards

    Toll Free: (866) INSU- BUY
    Local: (972) 985-4400
    Fax: (972) 767-4470



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