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Thread: inbound-immigrant plan maternity insurance

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    Default inbound-immigrant plan maternity insurance

    I have a couple of questions regarding to inbound-immigrant plan. Firstly, whats is the exactly maternity coverage in this fixed plan? For instance, in order to get a coverage for medical expenses, she must wait for at least 90 days to become pregnant? That is, maternity must occur at least 90 days after effective day. What about that if pregnancy occurs in the 90 days for effective day? In this case, She can get a coverage for medical expenses after 90 days? I mean she is able to get medical services such as routine check ups, sonogram, baby delivery and post-natal care after 90 days, even if she becomes pregnant in the 90 days. Thank you in advance for help.

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    In order to get maternity benefits she can’t conceive within 90 days of insurance effective date. If she conceive within first 90 days she will not get any maternity benefits.

    Please read certificate wording and brochure for more information,

    If you have any further questions feel free to contact us.
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