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Thread: Policy cover Medical Insurance

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    Default Policy cover Medical Insurance

    I just have a question regarding your policies.

    For the following policies do you provide cover for gear that is stolen or damaged whilst travelling?

    Atlas International
    Safe Travels International Cost Saver

    If so could you please refer me to the policy benefits for this.

    Also will the above policies cover our particular situation

    - We are New Zealand citizens
    - We hold a UK Youth Mobility Visa (Expiring at the end of August 2016)
    - We have been traveling Europe and the UK during the time that we have held this 2 year visa
    - We will be traveling from the UK to Norway, and other European countries

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    These are simple medical policies and will include very minimal travel benefits coverage but no coverage for the damage or loss of any personal items.

    The main focus for these plans are for medical coverage.
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