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Thread: Insurance coverage premiums for different states?

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    Default Insurance coverage premiums for different states?

    Can I issue policy e.g. with state NJercy and if insured stays at say Washington. And if there is claim while insured is in Washington - will claim still payable ?? . I observe premium in Washington is almost 40% more than NJercy.
    Pl revert back ASAP.

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    Visitors insurance premiums do NOT vary by state. The rates are a daily rate determined by the insured person's age. Therefore there is no price difference on any of the plans state to state. If the age of the insured, dates of coverage, policy maximums and deductibles are the same, the cost would be the same. The plans cover anywhere outside either home country or country of citizenship and therefore what state they are located in if they become ill or injured makes no difference.
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