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Thread: Trip insurance for family

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    Default Trip insurance for family

    I have a unique situation for which I would like to get a travel insurance quote. We are a family of five: ages 51, 46, 18, 17, and 14. The trip is a combination of our own land exploration of Europe and a 7 day Baltic cruise for 25 days total. Our initial deposit was in May 2014 for a trip in June 2015 for my son’s graduation. Two months after the deposit, my son suffered a spinal cord injury and now, 18 months later, is in a wheelchair. His doctor advised us to postpone this trip until he was at least one year post injury and so the trip was rescheduled for June 2016.

    My son is medically stable. In fact, he is away at college this year. Trip planning has been much more complicated to make sure that every hotel, train, plane, and cruise is wheelchair accessible. The total amount we have invested in this trip is $11,000 or roughly $2200 per person.

    Perusing quotes online has been confusing because I am not sure how coverage would work.

    Please provide me with a quote and explanation of benefits and exclusions. Our travel dates are 5/27/16 to 6/20/16.

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    Thank you for contacting Insubuy for your insurance needs. We would be more than happy to provide you with a quote and a plan benefit explanation as per your request, but first we will need more information. Can you please state your country of citizenship? If everyone traveling is a U.S. citizen can you also provide the state where you currently reside?
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