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Thread: Please help me differentiate between these

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    Default Please help me differentiate between these

    I will need to buy insurance for people visiting the US very soon. For various reasons, I think the best options for me are the following plans: Atlas America, Visitor Secure, and Inbound USA.

    I would prefer Atlas America, as it has a good range of policy maximums, one of the highest levels of coverage for acute onset of pre-existing conditions, and is a comprehensive coverage plan. However, I have been reading far too many negative reviews about HCC's re-imbursement procedures. I don't have any data about Seven Corners yet. Another major concern is their lack of coverage for anything cancer-related.

    Looking at Inbound USA & Visitor Secure (also offered by HCC), can you help me understand if there are any major differences between these plans that are not obvious? Also, under the cancer-related section of the benefit summary (chemotherapy/radiation, etc), there is a coverage amount listed as per injury/sickness. What does this mean in the context of cancer treatment (should such an unfortunate need arise)? What exactly is /sickness?

    I thank you in advance for your input.

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    Atlas America is a comprehensive coverage plan and is always preferred over any fixed coverage plan.

    Cancer: That is something that is most likely going to happen over a long period of time and practically going to be excluded in any visitor insurance plan. Instead of arguing with customers, Atlas America directly excludes it. But even in the plans that is not excluded, chances of getting any coverage are next to none. Even if you get coverage for the same in fixed coverage, you are not going be covered for even 1% of the actual expenses you may incur. Therefore, either way, it would be not covered or highly insufficient.

    Inbound USA and Visitor Secure are two fixed coverage plans. Just the two different administrators. Major difference between them is Visitor Secure participates in PPO network and therefore would have network negotiated fees within the network, while Inbound USA does not participate in any PPO network.

    If you have any further questions, please feel free to post them here or contact us at any time.
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