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Thread: Insurance inquiry

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    Default Insurance inquiry

    I have a question please,
    Iam from Egypt and will travel to USA after 4 months and I need personal health insurance for about 6 months, but I will go to more than one state, will this insurance cover these states ( PA, TX, KY )? and they are asking about the state in the application, which state shall I mention ? they are asking about the address there, why ? I don't have there so far as I will travel after a while. will I a proof of this insurance after purchasing ? and how ?

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    and which company will be the best for me ?

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    Insurance is for visitors to USA is meant to cover everywhere in the US, and is not specific to any particular state.

    Some states have specific rules for purchasing if you are already physically present in that state or if you are going to put that state as the mailing address.

    Please look at Atlas America at In that plan, you can put any address you like, whether it is in the US or in Egypt or anywhere else.

    As soon as you make a purchase, you will get the insurance ID card and the policy in the email. It will also be sent by the postal mail to the mailing address you specified on the next business day. As the postal mail is more reliable in the US compared to some other countries, it is advisable to put the US address but you can put any address you like.
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