I have been working in the US for nearly 4 years now. So i am a danish citizen but a us resident since i am working here. I have no family in the US so my parents are worried that if i should die or get severely sick/not able to work anymore and i would need a medical transport back to Denmark that they would not be able to afford it. I already have medical insurance through my employer and it even covers transportation back to my home country - but they consider that the US since i live here. I was reading through some of the policies and it seems like the IMG policies states you can have 2 home countries if you have a passport from another country but i don't know if you can just decide then where you live?

Or does anybody know if any policies that will pay for transportation back to Denmark? It can be a combined travel insurance or a separate insurance. So far my problm has been everybody consider the us my home country since i work here even thought i consider Denmark my homecountry due to my family being there.

Any suggestions?