Below are some questions my step-father had about the plans (since he knows a whole lot more about this topic. I know we talked more about the short-term plan but this seems to fall under long-term. If I went with the short-term, would I be covered in the states when I come back? I realized in starting to pack up my things that I had IMG in the past through another missions agency but did not have to use it while on the i'm not really sure the protocol. Any assistance you can give me would be great so I make an informed decision.

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The insurance that I researched and seems to be a good fit for you is Global Mission Medical Insurance - IMG ( International Medical Group)
Info can be accessed through INSUBUY website and can be purchased online.
They offer 4 plans - Silver or Gold would would be your best choices.
Silver - worldwide coverage
Gold - worldwide except U.S., Canada, China, Hong Kong, Japan,...
Gold is less expensive and probably your best choice. The rate sheet is available on website.
Some questions you probably need to ask before choosing this plan or any other.
From folks in Kenya - What plan do folks have that are serving in your area? Are you eligible to participate?
Does anyone have GMMI - IMG Ins and do the medical facilities in your area accept this ins.
From Insurance broker INSUBUY
The above questions plus
What plan do they recommend for your particular situation?
If you choose this plan over the Silver plan - will you be covered during your travel and stay back in the U.S.?
If the gold plan from GMMI -IMG makes sense or any other recommended plan then you need to choose the highest
deductible you can afford - probably between $250, $500 and $1000. Your yearly premium would be between $1069, 998, and 736, respectively
for the gold plan.