Hi, I am finding health insurance plan. Could you please advise:

I will bring my wife and my little daughter here in Worcester, MA from January 15th. My wife is 29 and daughter is 3 years old. Below what I am looking for:

Only Dental care for me (this is because I am enrolling in UnitedHealthCare at school but my plan does not cover dental care).

My wife currently is not pregnant. But maybe next 6 months after I graduate, we might want to have one more baby. Which plan is best suitable for her? What if during the plan she changes her visa status to H4B? I do not think she need dental or vision care.

About my daughter, actually I am looking for plan that cover most of care include dental and vision care. And sometimes emergency situation such as: my kid might have flu at night and we want to see the doctor immediately. Surgery care, etc ...

We might travel outside US and any health plan the cover outside US?