Many people ask what kind of visitors insurance they should buy.

There are two major categories of visitors insurance plans:
Fixed: Cheaper, less coverage and has sub-limits for each benefit
Comprehensive: more expensive, much better coverage that is percentage based.
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Please note that the benefits in the fixed coverage benefits are a lot less than then actual expenses. You should always buy comprehensive coverage plan.

How much coverage should you buy in comprehensive coverage?

You should buy as much as you can. We are not saying this to charge you more premium, but the reality is that healthcare expenses are very high in the U.S. and they are going up every day.

e.g., we just came to know about one person whose father got a heart attack and one day hospital bill is more than $82,000 (Yes, eithty two thousand US dollars.)

When you invite your old relatives to the U.S., there is only so much risk you can transfer to the insurance company for the new problems. For everything else, you are taking the risk yourself, in case something happens that is not a covered expense. You must decide how much risk you are willing to take before inviting them to the U.S. No insurance company is going to take the complete risk with them so that you can invite them worry free. (No insurance company can stay in business like that.)

Therefore, we recommend that you visit and purchase the best and the most coverage you possibly can for your loved one visting the U.S.