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Thread: Clarification on ER Visit

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    Default Clarification on ER Visit

    Dear Mr. Narendra,

    I was comparing Atlas America and Liason International for ER visit benefits.

    For Atlas America, it says that the room charges will not be covered if not admitted. And for Liason, it says that "Not covered if visit is not of an emergency nature". Does this mean that Liason also will not cover room charges if not admitted? OR will they not cover both (visit charges + room charges) if the visit is not of emergency nature?

    Also in case of ER visit, does the doctor decide whether it was an emergency? For example, if someone faints and is taken to ER and Doctor determines that it was just because of exhaustion/jet lag, will it be termed a non-emergency situation?


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    In Liaison International, it will be determined at the insurance company's discretion whether some situation is emergency nature or not.

    If it is, it will be covered according to the terms of the policy.

    If it is not, nothing will be covered.

    I hope it answers your questions.

    If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at any time or post them here.
    Thanks & Regards

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