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Thread: LiasonMajestic Vs PatriotPlatinumAmerica for age 70

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    Default LiasonMajestic Vs PatriotPlatinumAmerica for age 70

    Dear Insubuy Manager,

    My father is visiting for 2 months, he is 70, no major ailments history. But he has BP which is under control with medication. (he is bringing enough medication, he has also visited US ealier when age was < 70 )

    I see very few options for persons for 70+.

    I need a policy that will cover for something like a heart attack (no prior history). Is it a foregone conclusion that heart attack / stroke will always be tagged as a preexisting condition of BP? Or is it dependent on the attending physicians comments on a per incident basis?
    There is not much coverage in LiaisonMajestic for pre-existing conditions for 70+. Is it advisable to buy PatriotPlatinumAmerica instead ? What do you recommend for someone 70, with mild BP condition under medication.

    Thanks for your time,

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    Heart attack can be caused by a variety of reasons. Just because you have blood pressure, it does not mean that the heart attack is automatically considered as pre-existing condition. At that same time, just because the person never had the heart attack, it does not mean that heart attack will be covered automatically.

    It all depends upon the individual case. The claims department will determine based on the attending physician statement and the medical records, whether something is a pre-existing condition or not.

    Liaison Majestic provides a $200 per night for every night spent in the hospital due to heart attack or stroke that is due to pre-existing conditions, max $3,000. There are no network negotiated fees for the rest of the expenses, as $200/night is given just as indemnity and not processed as a claim.

    Other than that, Liaison Majestic has policy max of $60,000 while Patriot Platinum America has policy max of $100,000. After deductible, Liaison Majestic is 90/10 for first $5,000 then 100% up to policy max. Patriot Platinum America has 100% up to policy max after the deductible.

    Therefore, I believe that Patriot Platinum America overall provides much more coverage than Liaison Majestic for new medical conditions, based on the policy max and the coinsurance. Therefore, I would recommend you to buy Patriot Platinum America.

    However, as you now know the exact pros and cons of each plan, you make a better educated decision.

    If you have any further questions, please feel free to post them here or contact us at any time.
    Thanks & Regards

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    Narendra, Thanks for your prompt reply.

    regards, sm_inplano.

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