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Thread: No way?

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    Default No way?

    Hi - thanks for taking the time to answer.

    I think I am in am impossible situation. My Mother is 82 years old and lives in the UK. I am now a US citizen. Since my fathers death 2 years ago my mother lives on her own and she has visited once since my fathers death for 6 weeks with travelers insurance that I purchased in the UK.

    I would like her to come and live with me here as she is very lonely. She takes medication for high colesterol, hypothyroid (treatment has been for over 20 years) and high blood pressure. She also has some dementia that she is not medicated for. She had a mastectomy over 7 years ago for breast cancer and did not need chemo. No further issues with the cancer.

    From what I have read I cannot get health insurance to cover the medications she currently takes as they are all for pre-existing conditions and I would assume that any health problems that come up would not be covered as almost anything that might happen could be related to the prior conditions.

    Any advice you can give would be appreciated. Thanks

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    You are right. There is no way.

    All the problems that she has would be considered pre-existing conditions and not covered by any insurance plan from any company.

    Please read to get the understanding of the healthcare situation for elderly new immigrants to the US.

    The plans she would be eligible to buy are listed at All of the plans are listed there are meant to cover any completely new medical conditions, injuries or accidents that may occur after the effective date of the policy, no pre-existing conditions coverage.

    Unfortunately, there is no better solution available.
    Thanks & Regards

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