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Thread: Renewal and Preexisting conditions

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    Default Renewal and Preexisting conditions

    I am looking at Protection America insurance tomorrow, so would appreciate quick reply:

    If I buy a 6 month policy and say something happens like a heart attack. Let's say that the insurance does not consider this preexisting and pays for the claim. Now at the end of 6 months if I renew the policy, what would happen:

    1. Would Protection America consider the heart condition a preexisting condition for the renewed policy or would they still cover it?

    2. If I change insurance companies then what will it be a preexisting condition?

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    1. If you renew the policy before it expires, it would be considered as continuous coverage and it would still be covered after you renew it, as long as it was covered in the previous duration.

    2. It would be considered as pre-existing condition.
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