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Thread: Visitors Insurance Question

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    Hello Narendra,

    Your messages have been very helpful. Thanks a lot.

    I have a question regarding Visitors insurance. Is it possible to buy 2 insurance policies from different companies for additional protection? For example if one company denies the claim , would it be possible to use the other policy and file the claim?

    Thanks a lot in advance for your reply.

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    As per our discussion over the phone, that is not recommended.

    Visitors insurance plans are considered secondary to any other applicable plan that you may have. If you have two plans, both the companies may tell you to claim from the other one first, and finally they may settle down for the coordination of benefits where both the companies agree to pay the portion of the claim.

    When filing the claim with one company, you will have to provide the original paperwork to that company. If that company rejects the claim, you can't really provide the original paperwork to the other company again.

    Therefore, in my opinion, it would cause more problems than solve any.
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