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Thread: Missionary medical insurance

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    Default Missionary medical insurance

    Dear Outreach Insurance, We want to buy some insurance for our staff who is going outside the country. My question is that two of our fellows are going to Burundi and Kenya in Africa, but in the insurance form there appear only a country request from your side. We need to know if the insurance will cover for both countries at the same time, even when we are informing that the person is going to Burundi (because there aren’t two countries pick selection). Would you be so kind to informs us how we have to set the insurance form in order to receive both countries coverage. I look forward to seeing your answer ASAP. Thanks for your attention

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    If the person is US citizen, it will cover anywhere outside the US.

    I understand that it is asking for 'Primary Destination' but that does not mean you can only go to one country. 'Primary Destination' means the country where you will spend most of your time.

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