My husband and I are moving to San Diego next march and we are looking to find a nice health plan for us. We are in Brazil now, but we want to decide the better choice as soon as possible, specially because next year we are planning to have a baby in SD.

Our scenario:
- My husband is 36, Italian, Lawyer
- I am 28, Brazilian and PR
- For business purposes, we are going to be in US for 6 months, then one month in Brazil, then 6 months in US again, then 1 month in Italy and so on
- We are planning to have kids for the next year, maybe or not in US

1) Could you please, indicate to us the best choice?
2) We are also concerned to have good hospital and doctors for the maternity. Is PPO ok?
3) As we do not sure how long we will spend in any place, could you please, let us know the best payment method (monthly)?

Thank you for your help. Hope we can do some business.