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Thread: 70+ Health Option Clarification

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    Default 70+ Health Option Clarification

    I apologize for posting this twise.
    I read most of the forum postings here and still have questions. my questions may be basic, but i am sure there are people just like me who want to clarify details:

    Regarding the application:

    1. To clarify, if one chooses 'per cause' option, does that mean that each cause has its own maximum? Please clarify difference between 'all cause' and 'per person', these are rather identical.
    2. 'Physical defects or infirmity' means genetical defects or defects as result of injuries?
    3. Question 4d refers to immediate medical investigation or hospital treatment? I am assuming it doesn't mean just 'any' treatment or investigation, one cannot know that.


    1. Can outline the process of the application, including at what point one sees the physician?
    2. Can one have the Bridge Plan and supplement it with another insurance plan such as the Inbound Immigrant Plan?

    Thank you for answering my questions.

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    Please look my answers to your questions at
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