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10-30-2016, 09:50 AM
Hi, I am from Vietnam, and am going to come to the US to study my master degree. I want my wife to have coverage while in the US and am interested in Atlas America and American Patriot (I myself have to buy the school's plan). I have some questions about these 2 plans: 1. Does these 2 plans cover the lost/damaged baggage or delayed flight of my wife from Vietnam to the US, or do I have to buy another international plan? 2. Are the PPO networks of 2 plans the same or different? I see ATlas is with First Health network and Patriot is with First Health/Coventry network. 3. From my research, 2 networks are different since I see the First Heath/Coventry providers list includes many providers that I also see in the PPO network of a better plan United Healthcare (the one my school offers). So does it mean Patriot has better and larger network than Atlas has? 4. In Atlas's PPO network, I see no hospitals in Nashville, TN, while Patriot's one has many. Is the database of that PPO network correct since I think it is unusual for a PPO network to have no hospitals in providers list. Thank you for your consideration

10-30-2016, 09:50 AM
Thank you for your interest in purchasing insurance through us.

Answer for your questions below:

1. Plan will provide $250 for loss of checked luggage and it will be secondary to any other benefits you get from airline. It does not cover flight delay. Because this is your medical insurance NOT Trip insurance. If you want you can purchase separate trip insurance to cover flight delay or missed flight etc.
2. That’s correct.
3. Patriot has Coventry/ First health while Atlas has only First Health. Yes.
4. Please provide the zip code so we can also look and let you know.

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