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09-16-2016, 03:17 PM
Dear Sir/Madam,
I am planning to visit the US for one year period (11, July, 2016 - 7 July 2017)
as a research scholar with my family (my spouse: 30 years old; 2 kids: 2 months and 3 years old). I am 34 years old by the way.
I will be visiting Yale University and they have strict health insurance requirements as stated below:
However, my visit to the US is not guaranteed.
So I wonder, if you offer a refundable paying plan?
I mean will I be able to get my money back if I can't come to the US.
In addition, do you meet the requirements stated below?

09-16-2016, 03:18 PM
Thank you for contacting Insubuy for your insurance needs. You have a few options for coverage, there is a plan called Patriot Exchange Program and a fixed coverage plan called Inbound USA that will meet your Universities requirements. If you purchase the plan and your visa is denied you will receive a full refund if you cancel prior to the effective date of the policy.

Please use the links listed below for more information about the available plans and to compare them. If you have any questions please feel free to contact our office.

Patriot Exchange Program brochure & instant purchase link:

Inbound USA brochure & instant purchase link:

You can compare these plans at https://www.insubuy.com/j1-visa-health-insurance/-insurance/

09-16-2016, 03:22 PM
Thanks for your prompt reply.
I would like to ask another question:
Will I receive a full refund even if my visa is not denied, but I myself give up the
idea of coming to the US?

09-16-2016, 03:24 PM
Yes, as long as you request the cancellation before the effective date you would receive a full refund.