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08-19-2008, 02:41 PM
i m an undergrad in Virginia Tech. My university had a specical requirement for my Insurance company. If you can accord with VT insurance requirement, i ll buy it.

____1. The plan must offer adequate provider care within a 50 mile radius of campus of enrollment.
___ 2. Deductibles should be no more than $300 per accident or sickness.
___ 3. Major Medical benefits of at least $50,000 per insured per policy year
___ 4. Exclusions for pre-existing conditions may be no more restrictive than the following: Pre existing means: (1) a condition that manifests itself during the six month period immediately preceding the covered person’s effective date under the policy, or (2) for which medical advice, diagnosis, care or treatment was recommended or received within six months immediately prior to the covered person’s effective date under the policy. A pre-existing condition will be covered under the Plan once an insured has been continuously insured under the Plan for at least 12 consecutive months. There should be no preexisting condition requirement, which excludes coverage permanently under the policy.
___ 5. Inpatient mental health care paid at least 80% for the usual and customary fees with a 25 day cap.
___ 6. Outpatient mental health – Minimum of 20 visits. 80% for visits 1-5, 50% for visits 6-20.
___ 7. Maternity benefits treated as any other illness under the plan.
___ 8. Offers Prescription Medication coverage (after co pays) with a minimum of $1,000 per insured per policy year.
___ 9. The policy provides a minimum of $10,000 for “repatriation of remains” or “medical evacuation” to the home country.
___ 10. Coverage is valid for one year from Aug 1 or first day of enrollment in school, and effective through the following July 31 or last day of the month of the student’s graduation.

08-19-2008, 02:42 PM
Our Study USA plan meets all the requirements of Virginia Tech.

We even have a special web site for you:


You can just visit that web site and follow the instructions.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.