Buying Travel Insurance for Europe: A Comprehensive Guide

Do you need travel insurance for Europe? In many cases, especially for travelers visiting the Schengen area, travel insurance in Europe (or travel medical insurance for Europe) is not just recommended, it's required. Schengen countries, which include popular destinations like France, Germany, and Italy won't grant you a Schengen visa without proof of adequate travel health insurance for Europe that meets the minimum standards of Schengen travel insurance.

What is Covered in Europe Travel Insurance?

Most Schengen visa travel insurance plans for Europe can cover the following:

Europe Travel Insurance Benefit

Why is This Important?

Medical Coverage of at least €30,000

This is the minimum medical coverage required of all Schengen visa-compliant travel insurance plans. All of our Schengen visa travel insurance plans exceed the minimum coverage.

Emergency Medical Evacuation Coverage

Emergency medical evacuation coverage is mandatory for all Schengen visa travel insurance plans. It protects your finances in case you’re required to be evacuated to a different location for suitable medical treatment.

Return of Mortal Remains Coverage

Required for all Schengen visa travel insurance plans, return of mortal remains coverage provides essential financial protection in the event that the insured were to pass away while traveling outside their home country.

Instant Schengen Visa Letter

You will be required to present the embassy/consulate with an official letter stating that you have compliant insurance coverage as part of your Schengen visa application. We provide this letter instantly via email.

Available Custom Schengen Visa Letters

In case the embassy/consulate requires it, we can provide a custom Schengen visa insurance letter for your Schengen visa application.

Trip Interruption Coverage

In case you need to cut your trip short, trip interruption coverage can reimburse you for additional travel expenses and reimburse you for the unused portion of your covered travel expenses.

Benefits of European Travel Insurance

Whether you’re required to purchase Schengen visa insurance or not in order to travel to Europe, the benefits of European travel insurance are numerous.

Your domestic health insurance is unlikely to be accepted or sufficient in Europe. This is where Europe travel insurance comes in. It provides valuable medical insurance coverage outside your home country. In addition, the emergency medical evacuation coverage offered by the plans we have available could save you upwards of $200,000 in the event of a medical emergency. 

Since it’s impossible to predict when you might get injured or become sick while traveling, it’s important to be prepared for it with travel insurance for Europe. 

Need more reason to buy Europe travel insurance from us? Take it from our Google reviews:

  • We had a cruise trip in Europe this year. Our plane was tremendously delayed. We had to fly in the next day. Fortunately, we bought a travel insurance from Insubuy and tried to make a claim for the delay. Insubuy service gave us a great help for processing the claim. We really appreciate it. Definitely we are going to buy the travel insurance again from Insubuy for our next trip in the future. – Shaomin S.
  • I had never purchased travel insurance before and wasn't sure how to go about it. They made it very simple, and I did not have to give any personal information over the phone. At the end of the call, I had the visa letter I needed, plus a coverage card to carry with me, and an account where I can access my information online. The service definitely surpassed my expectations (and I received my visa with no problem). – Pamela R.
  • I'm a repeat customer and I love Insubuy. A very good friend of mine put me on. They're affordable and I’ve been using them for close to 5 years. Plus, it gives me and my family a sense of peace knowing that I'm covered during my travels. I highly recommend them. - Moe R.

Frequently Asked Questions About European Travel Insurance

Do you need travel insurance to travel Europe?

Yes, you need travel insurance for Europe if you are visiting any Schengen country on a Schengen visa. In fact, it is required as part of the Schengen visa application process. If you do not need a visa to visit your destination, travel health insurance is not required, but it is highly recommended.

Which insurance is best for Europe?

The best travel insurance for Europe depends upon the length of your trip, your destination, and what activities you plan to take part in. You can browse a vast selection of Europe travel insurance plans right here on our website to find the best coverage for your needs.

Does American health insurance work in Europe?

American health insurance doesn’t generally work in Europe because American-based health insurance companies have no way to pay medical providers outside the US. Travel medical insurance is essential for all American visitors to Europe because of this. 

How Much Does Europe Travel Insurance Cost?

The cost of Europe travel insurance varies depending upon your trip length, destination, age, and a variety of other factors. Get free Europe travel insurance quotes to compare the prices of different plans. 

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Prices are regulated by law.

You cannot find a lower price anywhere for the same product.

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Visiting USA?

Healthcare costs are very high in the U.S.

Buy U.S. based visitors insurance and enjoy your trip.

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Traveling abroad?

Did you know that your insurance may not cover you abroad or that it may only provide limited coverage?

Purchase travel medical insurance that includes emergency medical evacuation.

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New immigrant to USA?

You are not eligible to enroll in Medicare for the first 5 years.

Purchase new immigrant medical insurance to bridge the gap.

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Going on a vacation?

You could lose your non-refundable trip costs if you had to cancel your trip.

Buy a trip cancellation insurance package plan and be worry-free.

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Are you an exchange visitor to USA?

The U.S. Department of State requires all J visa holders to purchase compliant insurance.

Buy J visa medical insurance to meet your requirements.

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Traveling to Europe?

Schengen countries require most non-US citizens to purchase Schengen visa insurance.

Make an instant purchase online and get instant visa letter.

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Traveling frequently throughout the year?

You don't need to purchase travel insurance for every trip.

Purchase annual multi trip travel insurance for your travels.

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International student in the U.S.?

Most schools require international students to purchase health insurance.

Purchase international student health insurance that meets most school requirements.

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