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INSUBUY® Insurance Blog

Posted: 06/15/20221,443 Views

Due to the high cost of healthcare, visitors insurance is absolutely essential for anyone visiting the United States, including parents and grandparents. 

However, many of us neglect our oral health while on a long trip abroad, and usually wait until there’s pain or some other sort of problem before doing something about it.

So, what should you do to address dental issues while visiting the US? And what can you do to help prevent them becoming a problem in the first place?

Dental Coverage in Visitors Insurance

While visitors insurance does provide coverage for new, unexpected medical issues that occur after the effective date of the policy, the scope of its coverage for dental issues is limited. Most comprehensive visitors insurance plans will only cover dental problems related to unexpected pain in sound and natural teeth, or necessary treatment for dental injuries due to an accident. 

The maximum covered amount for pain will vary by plan, but usually ranges from $100-$250 maximum, or per tooth. For necessary dental treatment due to accidents, comprehensive visitors insurance plans can cover up to the policy maximum, whereas fixed coverage plans will only cover to an upper limit, such as $500. 

It is important to note that visitors health insurance plans typically do NOT provide dental coverage for things like cleanings, gum problems, denture replacement, replacement of braces unrelated to an accident, or crowns and bridges.

So, Why Not Just Enroll in Separate Dental Insurance?

It seems to make sense. With visitors insurance only providing limited dental coverage, separate dental insurance is the logical solution, right? But for many visitors to the United States, this is not possible. 

In most cases, dental insurance in the US requires that you have a social security number. Moreover, the majority of dental insurance plans have long waiting periods before anything of substance will be covered. Need a root canal? You’ll have to wait a year before you’re covered. Need a crown or bridge? It could be up to two years before coverage begins. As a temporary visitor to the US, this simply will not work. 

A Better Option for Visitors: Dental Discount Plans

With visitors insurance offering limited dental coverage, and dental insurance not an option for most temporary visitors to the USA, a dental discount plan can often be the best choice. 

Here’s how it works: You pay $11.95 monthly or $108.00 annually after a small signup fee, and you can save anywhere from 5% to 60% off the normal price for dental procedures at in-network providers. The exact cost will depend on the procedure and US state you’re receiving treatment in, but it can be significant savings that allows you to care for your oral health at a much lower cost. 

In addition, the plan also offers valuable vision care services, including discounts on eye exams, glasses, contact lenses, and even LASIK. 

A dental/vision discount plan is not insurance. This means there is no waiting period for coverage, no exclusions for pre-existing conditions, and no annual cap. You can use the plan for unlimited cleanings, major dental work such as crowns and bridges, and even for regular dental exams. 

Don’t take your oral health for granted. For a low monthly or annual cost, a dental/vision discount plan can provide significant savings for anyone visiting the United States. 

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