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Antalya Travel Insurance

Are you looking for a travel destination with ancient architecture, luxury hotels and happening nightlife? Add scenic mountains, teal blue waters and miles of white-sand beaches to the list. That's Antalya for you. Turkey's most popular summer vacation destination is full of tourist spots suitable for every age group. Read this guide until the end to discover all the fun things to do, safety measures to take, and information you need to know about purchasing travel medical insurance or travel insurance plans.

Things to Do for Travelers in Antalya

It is hard to list out all the attractions available to you in Antalya, but when planning your itinerary, make sure these are on your list:

Old Town

Antalya's old town, Kaleiçi, is filled with remnants of the Ottoman Empire. Walking through the Old Town feels like taking a stroll through history. Filled with Hellenistic architecture, splendid statues and charming souvenir shops, the Old Town is absolute heaven for photographers. Some great sights at the Old Town include Uzun Çarşı Sokak, Saat Kulesi, Tekeli Mehmet Paşa Cami and the Hıdırlık Kulesi.

Old Harbor

You can walk to the Old Harbor right after you are done exploring the Old Town. It is lined with restaurants and souvenir shops. From the harbor, you can take a boat to explore the waters of the Turkish Riviera, or visit the Duden Waterfalls.

Antalya Museum

Antalya Museum proudly houses 13 exhibition halls as well as an open gallery. The halls are organized to showcase Turkey's majestic history from prehistoric times up through the Islamic period. There is also a children's section where kids and adults both can enjoy fun and interactive activities.

Hadrian's Gate

Hadrian's Gate is a triumphal arch built after the city was visited by Roman emperor Hadrian in the year 130. Today, it provides entrance to the Old Town district, and is the only remaining gate from the walls that once surrounded Antalya. It features a marble door with three arches boasting beautiful examples of Hellenistic and Roman artwork. Even the ceiling of this gateway is an architectural wonder.

Konyaalti Beach

Konyaalti Beach is a rocky stretch of land with fine white sand. From this beach, you can enjoy views of the clear blue sea as well as snow-capped mountains in the distance. You can simply sunbathe under an umbrella, or go for a swim at Konyaalti Beach.

Travel Risks for International Travelers in Antalya


To get up close and personal with the sights of Antalya, the city is best explored on foot. Temperatures can get quite warm during the day, so it's essential to drink plenty of water so you do not get dehydrated.

Dress Appropriately

A visit to Antalya isn't complete without visiting some of its many beautiful mosques. However, these mosques have dress codes. To make sure you aren't barred from entry, be sure to wear clothing that covers your arms and legs. It's also a good idea to carry a headscarf, as covering your head is a requirement to enter many mosques and heritage sites.

Don't Forget Sunscreen

While exploring Antalya, wear sunscreen with a high SPF. Without it, you could experience a painful sunburn. It's also a good idea to wear a hat with a wide brim to protect your head, neck and shoulders from the sun.

Secure Your Valuables

The crowded streets of Antalya are not immune to petty theft. To keep your valuables safe, carry your wallet in your front pocket. Also, avoid carrying original travel documents except for at times when it's absolutely necessary.

Cultural Respect

During Ramadan, it's best to avoid eating in public. Though it's not illegal to eat in public during the day, it could be seen as insensitive or disrespectful. Instead, pack your meal and enjoy it somewhere away from the public eye.

Antalya Travel Medical Insurance for International Travelers - FAQs

While planning a trip, you may forget to take precautions against medical emergencies amidst all the excitement. After all, nobody expects to visit a doctor on their vacation. However, if an emergency does occur, the cost for treatment or emergency medical evacuation can be extremely high. To make sure you can be covered for large medical bills, it's best to invest in travel medical insurance.

Do I need travel medical insurance for Antalya?

For short-term visits to Turkey, travel medical insurance is not legally required. However, for any visitor under the age of 65 on a long-stay tourist visa, insurance providing coverage for inpatient treatment at minimum is compulsory.

Regardless of the length of your stay in Antalya, travel medical insurance just makes sense. It allows you to take advantage of the best medical treatment with less worry about being stuck with medical bills that could wreck your finances for years to come.

Why buy travel medical insurance for Antalya?

The weather, food and water in Antalya may be very different than what you're used to, leading to increased possibilities of you requiring medical treatment. Also, the amount of time you'll spend in Antalya exploring on foot could lead to an increased risk of injury. Even if you take precautions, it's impossible to totally protect yourself from vector-borne illnesses like malaria or dengue.

Though you can't eliminate all the risks when traveling abroad, you can control how those risks will impact your finances. Buy travel medical insurance and ensure your finances aren't put in jeopardy by an unexpected illness or injury.

Antalya Trip Cancellation Insurance for International Travelers - FAQs

No one wants to cancel a vacation they've spent months planning. However, sometimes you simply have no choice. A natural disaster or world event could make travel impossible. Likewise, a personal health issue or family emergency could dash your travel plans.

Whatever the case, trip cancellation can be costly. Many of your reservations will have been paid for far in advance, and in some cases they aren't refundable. This is where trip cancellation insurance comes in. It can reimburse you for those nonrefundable expenses, giving you the peace of mind to plan your trip with confidence.

Why buy trip cancellation insurance for Antalya?

Being located where two continents converge, Turkey can experience earthquakes with little warning. If something like this were to occur, your upcoming travel plans might prove impossible. Closer to home, a personal emergency or unexpected health issue could also put your trip in limbo.

Without trip cancellation insurance, all the money you've spent on nonrefundable airline tickets and hotel reservations could simply be gone. If something outside your control were to prevent you from taking your trip, wouldn't you want a way to be reimbursed? Be a smart traveler. Get trip cancellation insurance so your finances can be covered.

What can be covered under trip cancellation insurance for Antalya?

Trip cancellation coverage is one important aspect of your travel insurance, but it may not be all. Depending on the plan you select, your travel insurance policy can offer a range of coverages, including:

There are multiple risks to consider while preparing for international travel. To make sure you can be covered against monetary losses due to a travel mishap, examine the travel insurance plans available to you and pick one with coverage that suits your needs.

Before You Travel to Antalya - Do This

You are almost ready to pack your bags and depart. Before you start your journey, consider these suggestions.

  • Dress appropriately. Wear comfortable, lightly colored clothes to keep you cool in the sun. If you plan to visit a mosque, make sure your legs and arms are covered.
  • Make photocopies of your travel documents. Carry these copies when sightseeing, so you can keep your original documents secure in your hotel with less risk of being lost.
  • Before traveling, invest in travel medical insurance or travel insurance to protect your finances in case of unexpected events.

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